Getting Specific: The Long Lost Art of Study

Getting back into writing is actually pretty cool, because it is a point of self support in slowing down – the same thing with reading. Doing either in relatively large quantities is cool because it is usually what is required when someone is articulating through a point – and I tend to be rather conclusive, which can be deceiving because I’m not always seeing the whole picture.

Thoughts in itself is quite conclusive because when a thought come, you never see what is behind the thought – there is so much that goes on subconsciously and unconsciously in how thoughts are constructed and eventually manifest, and yet all we see is that one thought, and while its origin is contained within it, it is only presented to us in the form of an end result.

Being addicted as we are to our thoughts and minds, that is where I’ve noticed the tendency within myself and others be hasty – like in reading for example – we often just want ‘the gist’ of something, sometimes a headline is all we really want – and in that we’re able to compromise our understanding of something. Sure we’re able to summarize something and say we understand it, but what better way is there than to break down the point, ‘zoom in’ and go into it with the utmost detail and specificity? I have noticed with many things I have studied and come to understand in my life, that this is the most effective way to thoroughly understand something – studying a point in its entirety, meticulously in specificity.

This something that has become relevant and brought to my attention recently through doing the Structural Resonance Alignment training, as we are beginning to go into mind constructs and break down the points we are aware of, to see what is behind them that is bringing them into manifestation that we were perhaps not aware of.

But as I mentioned, unfortunately as individuals and as a society, we have lost this practice of specific application in study. Have a look at what sells and what is popular – tabloid newspapers, sound byte news shows, get rich quick schemes, ‘lose 30 pounds in 30 days!’ – a few trademarks of the world being lead by the development of fast food nations.

The fact is that we are actually going slower by attempting to go faster – if even that – we’ve actually become completely stagnant and begun a process of devolution.

Because what happens when this kind of consideration I’m talking about – where we take our time, study close, read deep, slow it down enough to play it out and assess it – is lost, and such a rare thing to find someone do in our world?

We get duped. The conclusions are given, the information is passed around, then consensus is formed – and before we know, that which is of total deception is being passed as truth – simply by it being tacitly accepted, because we have decided it is not worth really giving our attention and investigating – we just want to hear, but not listen. Hearing is entertaining – listening is getting involved, and who wants that?! Bubbles may be burst!

And this is what happens in our world on a mass and individual level, so extensively that it has become the norm, because this very topic that I’m speaking of is the ‘background check’ that no one is doing.

So, before we know it, lies are passing as truth – to such an extent where the average human can not even tell what is real or not anymore. It amazes me sometimes to see how much time Desteni spends explaining to people that the physical world is fucking real, and what goes on in your mind is imagination! Given this extent, our attempts at moving forward then are based on a foundation that is entirely false – for example, taking action in this world because it is believed that it is “God’s will” – a war or something, just for the sake of example – and the whole thing is a total disaster that gets us as a whole nowhere. Obvious delusion, I know – but this is a perfect example, where people simply repeat a claim over and over again for thousands of years, to work the point to such an extent where people don’t even have any common sense.

This that I’m talking about applies to everything – to something you see on TV, to a statement your friend makes, to a ‘fact’ that you are taught in school – it is everywhere all around you in your life because as I mentioned, we’ve been doing this for so long, that it has gone to such an extent. Intense action is now then necessary to stop this.

We get lied to – and what else would we expect? Because in that statement of disregarding a point by simply accepting its existence hand and foot – we are making the statement that ‘it is not worth it, it is not worth our time and attention’ – as if we are above it somehow. That is the point of self deception that gets the ball rolling. We’ll delude ourselves by asserting ourselves that we are almighty and in control because it is all beneath us. So what happens in turn – we later find out that we are not in control, that we got fucked by it because we said ‘fuck it’. We end up on the downside of a power struggle we created because within believing that we are superior to anything, we have in fact showed that we are the real inferior ones. By giving no respect to that point that is apparently separate from us, we are in fact having no self respect.

I realized this a few years ago when I did start to realize how much kool-aid we drink, and how I and no one I knew around me, really did not know anything about this world and what is really going on in this reality, how it really all works, and it’s no wonder why. Within that, I realized that it is a matter of self respect. Because as I mentioned in the paragraph above, when you give respect, you get respect. You are always equal to that which you accept and allow yourself to exist as. So I saw that when you give a point your time, investigate it, look into it as an equal – meaning strictly to understand it without any personal biases – it is really quite enabling, because you actually learn something for real. I saw that when you understand your reality as an equal to it, then you can actually direct your reality effectively, you can actually move well within it and thrive – not on it – but with it, as it.

So I saw this as a matter of self respect because it is really quite abusive towards yourself to simply disregard that which is able to support you in this world. It is like allowing yourself to be stupid and ignorant – really having no self worth.

There is then the point of why we do not delve deep and rather our experience is always one we’d rather reduce to mere entertainment – which our environment is now saturated with – to just have us preoccupied to not have to face the very core of why we are here in the first place? It may be that the truth of why we are the way we are is so nasty that we are shit scared to dare face it. But I won’t get into that now – just something to consider, as everyone is just busy keeping everyone else preoccupied and entertained – all the time.

Don’t get me completely wrong – there is often a strong need for people to be short, concise, direct and not ‘beating around the bush’ when showing a point – particularly where intellectualism and complexity is found – because as I mentioned before, we base so much of the investigation that we actually may do on false premises, that before we know it, we’ve gotten into extensive amounts of knowledge and information that is not common sense, because it is like basing beliefs on top of beliefs, opinions on opinions – nothing is clear anymore because beliefs and opinions are always subjective and not common sense. This is when a spade must be called a spade and getting specific may not be necessary in order to not validate phony baloney bullshit. It can get so extensive that we become lost in it, and a strong, concise, direct wake up call is necessary as a wet slap in the face.

Otherwise, for those willing to do their homework and live with some self respect, finding yourself again within this process of slowing things down and becoming specific is really quite cool. Jordan Maxwell was the first person I ever heard say ‘do your homework’ in a context where I actually saw it as a cool thing – until then I had always carried the assumption that homework sucked – but that was never real homework in fact, it was assumption work – study ,study, study your assumptions well for homework so you can make the assumption that homework is a drag. That is how backwards it has all become – when it is common to believe something is the opposite of what it is in fact – that everything is right side up, when everything is right side down.


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2 Responses to Getting Specific: The Long Lost Art of Study

  1. jozienfokkert says:

    Hi Adrian!

    I have committed myself to read blog post from the beginning to the end, instead of skimming the surface heading towards a conclusion to fast. It’s actually a cool practical application of slowing down and at the same time catch up with others! Its really awesome to see how specific we all have become within our writings!

    So, cool!


  2. Ruben Moutinho says:

    With school I have noticed this, when I leave it for the last moment and I have to do it in a hurry, I don’t enjoy it, but I see that it is enjoyable doing it if I would give me time, which I have not done it. And it is the same with process. And we are programmed to not like these things and judge them without seeing them for real. But it’s not a valid excuse to say that ‘I was programmed’, scusi sorry ask for forgiveness but there is only self forgiveness.

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