Equal Money and Environmental Conditioning

Over my time living in this world it has become clear to me that beings in this world are very much a product of their environment and conditioning – which we humans are responsible for as creators as the dominant species on this planet.

This has been shown to me in many instances in my experiences – with both people and animals. I have watched people who come from dysfunctional backgrounds come into self-supportive environments and change before my eyes. I have physically interacted with a live, adult tiger, who was as gentle as a house cat with no interest in attacking me as it was fed and sheltered consistently. I have seen the change in myself and even more potential change as possible in creating a self-support environment for myself with all the necessary and effective tools to do so.

The basic principle here is that when the human (or animal) is valued and supported, it become an entirely different being than what it exist as currently.

This does not mean to say that a transition or rehabilitation phase for those who come from dysfunctional backgrounds/conditioning will not be a trying and difficult process – I am again only mentioning what is possible if we will it to be through our actions.

The problem with the current environment and conditioning on earth is that it is based in self interest, competition, greed, and the overall desire to thrive at any cost – even at the expense of others – where self only care about self and completely disregard all other life which is in fact, equal to self as LIFE – irrespective of all belief that exist otherwise.

An equal money system will correct such social dysfunction and mental disorder that is the result of the current environment and conditioning that exist on earth, that is primarily perpetrated through the current money system and the rules thereof – which are of competition and ‘survival of the fittest’ – by, rather than teaching the individual that they are only given value through money and the self-interested pursuit thereof – teach the individual that it is in fact life that give value to money – as within an equal money system, life will be the basis and foundation from which money will be created and allocated.

Where there is life, there will be money to support and honor it.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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