Why is equality non-debatable?

Within my process I have made the mistake plenty of times of getting into argument/debates about equality, within the context of the problems that exist in this world and an equal money system as the only real solution.

I call it a ‘mistake’ because I have found debates/arguments useless – ineffective and to no degree supportive of equality and an equal money system – and has never accumulated into anything except frustrated egos, rising emotions and racing thoughts.

In many cases I would look back at the argument/debate afterwards and realize in self honesty that I only manifested the experience through my own lack of support for equality – meaning, in my own life I had not been effective in supporting equality and an equal money system, and through that I projected my own desire to be effective in supporting equality onto others as trying to CONvince them/prove to them that equality is the real solution – to have them take self-responsibility where I was unwilling to in my own life.

The debates/arguments were nothing more than two people with opinions trying to impose their will onto the other and ‘win’ – so within that, neither side is actually hearing the other, there is no communication taking place whatsoever – only two people talking at each other.

Upon standing for equality in fact through applying myself more in my own process of self purification to actually live equality within and as my own life, it’s become obvious that equality is never a matter of opinion or belief.

The fact of the matter is that all of existence is one and equal as life – from the smallest atom to the biggest star – it is all life, all part of existence. To bring it down to a more personable and practical context, I look at the human race. We are all born. We all die. Our bodies are all more or less the same: we all require food, shelter, education, healthcare. These are all points of equality that are completely non-debatable – they transcend all belief, all opinion, all hope and faith. The physical existence is not a respecter or opinions and beliefs, it does not care what you think – it will continue to exist as it does, regardless of what we choose to believe, and within that, free choice is the ultimate self delusion.

You can test this shit out: try not eating – you’ll die. Try not shitting – it is impossible. Try to escape death (haven’t we been, all along?) – you cannot.
So what is then the point of trying to push any opinion or belief – even if it is a belief in equality? It is absolute foolishness. There is nothing to be proven, it is all right here, right under our noses! Yet we continue on with our opinions and beliefs, in spite of how we cannot even effectively live in alignment with what is fact as the physical existence.

It is time we start facing the facts. It is time we start to align ourselves with the physical. It is time we start to understand equality by living it – by standing one with and equal with existence.

This is where equal money comes in as the only valid social system that has ever existed – because for the first time in our existence, we are basing our world systems that are here as our structure and guidance and support – on reality! What a concept! To actually base our world systems – including the ‘biggest’ one, which is the money system – on the reality of what is here, and not the self delusion of opinions, beliefs, as it is currently.

Have a look – the current money system is in no way an accurate representation of the goods and services that is available here on earth to support life – no – because if it were, thousands would not starve to death in a world of abundance – where we are in a state of over-production of food, and destroy millions of tons of food every year, just to make a profit.

Profit, yes – the benchmark of capitalism. And what is capitalism based in but belief? The belief that we must apparently compete to survive, the belief that there is apparently scarcity in resources, the belief that some is special and inherently worth more than others, that some can have more opportunity in life than others, that some can starve and suffer while others have too much?

As with anytime one bases their decisions on opinion/belief and not fact, this is a recipe for disaster. It is absolute stupidity – as again, the physical is impersonal in delivering consequence, and we are always equal to and one with that which we accept and allow. The really cool part about that is that heaven on earth now becomes a very real possibility, if we would begin to give as we would like to receive.

Time to wake up and see through the delusion we have created, and no longer continue to use it as the justification and reasoning of our own doom because ‘it has always been this way’.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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