When giving attention to other people in this world in hearing their perspectives and insights, I am much more interested in hearing from those who come from a starting point of equality – regardless of whatever background they come from, their status in society or ‘credentials’ they have attained – than hearing from those who tend to be automatically viewed and esteemed as being intelligent and credible due to their societal status, background or accreditations.


Because all educational institutions, knowledge, information and intellect in this world has been abused – deliberately done so to cover up and hide the very simple truth of the reality that is existing in this world – as it is atrocious, to say the least – and we are all in fact responsible for having created such an atrocity.

And so from knowledge and information, intellectuality and academics, we have created a new religion which we have placed so much blind faith and trust in: the worship of the almighty mind – those who use cunningly use their knowledge and intellect to appear as superior and as if their opinions are factual, or contain real, substantial understanding – which is used to assume a form of authority.

The ultimate bullshitter.

This world has been deliberately over-complicated by the mind to cover up the truth of ourselves – the problem of which there is a simple explanation, and only require simple, practical solutions.

Like turning to a priest or a voodoo witch doctor, shrouded in their air of mystery and abstruseness, for understanding and solutions – we turn to Professor so-and-so, Doctor what’s-his-name, Scholar who’s-it’s-face – all within the assumption that knowledge = understanding – and even where some understanding may exist – does that equate to actually giving a fuck about LIFE, the problems that existing in this world and acting in a way that is effective in bringing about a real solution?

How many of us have fallen for this assumption?
“Gee, that guy sure is using a lot of big words that I don’t understand – he must be smart!”

I am done with giving away my power through allowing myself to be duped by others in this way.

I don’t care about what degrees you have. I don’t care who you work for. I don’t care what position or status you hold. I don’t care about all your worldly accomplishments, financial gains and acquisitions, in a world based in spiteful competition and apparent ‘survival of the fittest’ – where the self interested and greedy thrive and good people are left for dead.

The Desteni movement and it’s participants – these are people whose perspectives and insights I am very much interested in hearing. Why? Because of their starting point: Equality. They would dare to consider and treat me as their equal, and work towards real solutions that is not self beneficial, but actually is in the best interest of all life.

I do not care how their message is delivered, I don’t care if they speak eloquently or intellectually or in a way that is pleasing and makes me ‘feel good’ about myself, contextually so in a world where billions suffer. I am interested in the self honest and those who would treat me as their equals. These are the only real people that can be trusted, and I would consider ‘respectable’ members of society.


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One Response to Credibility

  1. Lauri Kotaja says:

    Thank you for sharing!

    I saw an interesting episode of star gate, where they came across a civilization with no schools. The children learned by working among the adults as equals. One of the children was confused about the claims that school made people smart by training them to become scientists for example. She challenged the view by asking: ‘were you not as smart then as you are now?’. What I found most interesting about the episode was the certainty that children had from being treated as equals by the adults, and how they were bothered by being patronized by the people from Earth. They weren’t taught that they are ‘less than’, but equals in spite of the differences in information and skill – therefore they did not suppress themselves, but developed themselves without being impaired by a self-definition of ‘I am less than for being a child’. How much potential are we actually suppressing by teaching children with the idea that they are ‘less than’ because they have less achievements, even while it is simultaneously believed that ‘inherent qualities’, such as personality (obviously not familiar with self-forgiveness, lol) and IQ remain the same throughout our lives?

    Different qualities turn into inequality when we start to use the definitions for that purpose.

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