CONvincing others of Equal Money – religion or reality?

Many times when discussing the Equal Money System with people, I noticed there is a tendency for people to assume that the implementation of an Equal Money System requires the convincing of others as their approval apparently must be won over.

I made this assumption too, back when I first learned about the Equal Money System, and did not understand this point until it was pointed out and explained to me:

The majority of people on this earth are suffering as a result of the current money system and would benefit from an equalization of the money system. The minority of people is benefiting from the current capitalist system and are able to do so as the minority because currently in politics, there is only ever a vote on what political leader or party will run – not on the money system within the boundaries of which the politics will operate. Obviously money is the real power in this world – that is why currently, it does not matter what political party or leader is elected – they are all irrelevant as long as they are subject to the current money system, which is abusive in nature.

So when the masses are presented with a political party that actually give hold a democratic vote on the money system – what are they going to vote for?

The time of the elite is up. We the elite – yes, that means you and me, the minority of people in this world who can afford to be reading this, the only ones stupid enough to dare oppose what is in the best interest of all life as equality.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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2 Responses to CONvincing others of Equal Money – religion or reality?

  1. Cool Adrian. I had this talk with my sister the other day about Equal Money. “It will never work” she said – we are all familiar with that statement. We were discussing the current economic situation over here in Holland and both of us are ‘poor’ compared to most people in The Netherlands. Due to the current cutback our government is planning and implementing, we both will have less money to spend and maybe in the near future having trouble to feed our families – and there will be many more of us. We could even end up rioting because of it.

    Then we would be in a similar position to the people standing up in the Arab nations. There are so much more poor people – the rich are outnumbered – and the poor will obviously go for Equal Money. At that point my sister started to see (I assume) an Equal Money System could be implemented.

    So yes – the Equal Money System will be implemented 🙂

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