Profit is proliferative in everything that is done in this world – as everyone require money to exist in this world, thus everyone is required to make a profit in order to have money to survive.

The very existence of profit implies that an exchange is not equal – there is an extra bit tacked on to one side of the exchange so that the other side receive that something extra which is then called profit.

That means that one person wins and one person loses. Some people win and some people lose – more accurately, very few win and very many lose – and to be precise no one really wins.

Why would we create a world system where there will always be winners and losers? And upon doing so, how can we convince ourselves that anyone is truly winning – and that their winnings are safe – while living in a world of losers as the masses who go without and live in destitution?

Let’s stop chasing profit and survival, and re-design this money system to one that actually benefit ALL life on this earth, from birth until death, and create a world in which all are able to live and thrive together as equals, and no one ever has to live in competition and fear of each other, ever again.


About adrianblackburn

I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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