Drumming as physical support

Often when sitting down to study the desteni material on Youtube, I have a hard time hearing what is being shared because of backchat. Sitting in a chair and doing nothing, often my mind interrupts with chatter and suddenly i will snap back into reality and realize i missed some time – that I was not here and I was in the mind as back chat and missed what was being said. This has obviously been a huge problem throughout my life, when for instance in discussion with people or listening to a teacher in school.

Sometimes I try really hard to focus, or I’ll try to focus on breath to support me from the backchat arising, but this has not helped. Sometimes I try doing things while I watch videos – multitasking, basically – but noticed that most things i try to do while watching videos still take me away from what is here.

One thing I tried today was practicing drumming while listening to some videos- on a rubber practice pad of course, as otherwise my drums would be too loud to hear. This I was surprised to find effective. I could hear everything perfectly, while at the same time feeling my body, specifically my hands as this is where the activity was situated, and was amazed at how I could effectively focus on the feeling of my hands and hear the words clearly without missing a word of the interview. In being here in the physical as I was working with my hands, I found it supportive in also not hearing/interpreting what I was listening to as the mind – meaning a particular thing that is said suddenly triggers a reaction as my thoughts, and through these thoughts I try understand what is being said by trusting my thoughts as my interpretation, which is a tendency we all have.

So for both hearing everything, and also not hearing something and then having it trigger back chat in me, I have found this very supportive and will continue to investigate it. It has also made the whole experience of both watching videos and practicing more enjoyable. Why specifically drumming has been found to be supportive and not other physical activities – I’m not sure – perhaps because of the familiarity and relative simplicity of the activity.


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