The organic robot – correcting the human with Desteni ‘I’ Process and an Equal Money System

In my process I have been learning about how human beings are essentially organic robots, and as such are programmable. From an early age and throughout our lives, we are programmed by society – our experiences, examples given by other people and the media. When I found Desteni, what was revealed to me was that our current programming is one that supports self interest and personal greed, and such programming has been deliberately implemented upon the human race so that only a small number of people are able to benefit and live like kings, while the rest of us compete, fight and wage war upon each other – not understanding that we are all in fact equal as life. Some people have referred to this as ‘Divide and Conquer’.

When our programming is not a direct reflection in understanding of the actual physical reality, how it works and operates, it is then able to be considered ‘false programming’ – an illusion/delusion. This is how the human has been enslaved and the mind has been the tool with which we have implemented such programming. Capitalism and the fight for survival is a perfect example of this, as there is no actual real threat to our survival or necessity to fight to survive on this earth – it is completely artificial, as the earth provides unconditionally, more than enough for everybody.

So I began to see that the human race was trapped in its own self created illusion/delusion, and that self forgiveness as self corrective application was the only way out – releasing all programming and reprogramming oneself in adherence to what is real as the physical existence, as one and equal. The problem we are facing currently is that while self forgiveness is a tool that all are able to use, our current world system – primarily the money system as the main point of power and influence – continues on programming and conditioning us to exist in separation and constantly fight for survival – something that is necessary for the individual to survive in a capitalist money system.

Thus it was realized that a new money system – based in oneness and equality as valuing all life equally – was necessary as a support structure for all humans to effectively be able to change their programming, and stop the current accepted and allowed programming that exist in our world. Self support often seems impossible when a persons main concern in their life is survival and where their next meal is coming from – which the majority of the worlds population – so an equal money system that provides unconditional basic support from birth to death will allow all humans to be able to look at and correct the real issue of what has become human nature as our current programming.

It has taken a lot of study, work and dedication to begin applying myself in releasing myself from the current accepted and allowed programming of this world. What I realized was that with this ‘false programming’, I had developed several mental disorders, or psychological/psychiatric disorders – all essentially the same thing. I began to see why life had been such an awful experience, such a struggle, and why nothing ever really made sense to me. I found that I had social disorders, learning disorders, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, sexual disorders, self image disorders – full of shit, basically – so extensive that I continue to work with myself every day and will be required to continue doing so for many years to come.

The Desteni ‘I’ Process has supported me immensely in identifying such disorders – as I have found that they all exist in the mind as accepted and allowed beliefs, definitions, ideas and perceptions about ourselves and our world. In being able to identify and understand my mind constructs, I’m then able to effectively see how they play out as patterns/habitual behavior, and accordingly stop the pattern. Not only this, but I am then able to see these same mind constructs as mental disorders in other people around me – and it is amazing – they are everywhere, and we do not even see them as it has become so accepted and engrained as ‘normal’, as we are all carrying essentially the same program, all living within the same system that influence and condition us. It is really quite sad how so many go about their existence, completely oblivious to and without any support for their mental disorders. Psychology and psychiatry unfortunately has been completely compromised as it is another point that is subject to the money system – if you don’t have money, you don’t get the support, and it is actually in the best interest of psychologists to keep people mentally sick as it provides them with a steady flow of patients to be able to keep their practice profitable.

An Equal Money System will support all human beings to be able to do their own ‘I’ process of self correction, and likewise, The Desteni Process will support those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford it to be able to correct self to become an effective member of society, and support the establishment of an Equal Money System, so that All beings can stop living in fear and survival, and have a real opportunity to discover who they really are, and what it really means to live.


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