Personal and Financial Freedom with the Desteni ‘I’ Process

Within my process of self purification, I realized that we are living in some unprecedentedly difficult times, and that in the coming times, life on earth will get very, very tough, and no one is exempt from what is to come. Such are the consequences of what we as a race have accepted and allowed throughout the history of our world as the abuse of all life.

So as both the key to stop participating in the creation of the abuse that exist in this world on an individual level, and also preparing myself for the times to come that are being created on a collective level, I realized that I must purify myself to a point of self stability – wherein I am stable and self directive in a world that is going mad. Yet we are still living in a system of competition and ‘survival of the fittest’, so I’ve also realized that as the current global capitalist economic system collapses, I must also become financially stable and independent, to be able to continue living in this world.

This is where the Desteni ‘I’ process comes in. Until we are able to sort out this world effectively with a new global economic system that values all life equally – an Equal Money System – so that all beings have the opportunity to support themselves in self stabilization and self realization – the Desteni ‘I’ Process will be both the point of self stabilization as an effective life coaching course, and also taking care of the financial side of things, and part of the Desteni ‘I’ process is taking part in a financial support system wherein one is able to benefit financially from the accumulated success and time of participating within the course.

As news reports from all around the globe are showing us, times are getting tough, as a result of finances becoming extremely tight for everyone in this world – from an individual right up to the governmental level –no one is safe.

So, I am extremely fortunate to be in a position to be able to invest myself and invest in myself, in a structured process of self support, as well as financial support, all the while contributing to an organization that will in time bring about an economic and social change that will enable all beings to live in self-freedom and financial freedom – an Equal Money System. This is the real deal, and I would encourage everyone reading this to be self honest in evaluating themselves and the world they are living in – there is big shit coming in this world – be prepared.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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