2011 Elections in Canada: Is any leader trustworthy?

So another general election will be taking place this year in Canada and plenty of Canadians are busy weighing their options, or have already decided who they will vote for, or have decided and are weighing their option against the options of others in endless debates about whose candidate is better.

The sad humor in all of this is that essentially it is all the same. There is no actual real choice in Canada on the ultimate governing power in the country because the ultimate governing power is in fact money – the monetary system and the rules by which it operates. Fortunately for all our fat-cat politicians, our society and it’s mainstream representatives as the media have done a great job at not exposing the real power and control in our country, and in the world for that matter.

Any way you slice it – these guys win – they all have their pieces of the pie, and who wins is really irrelevant in the bigger picture, as they are all well taken care of financially and it is always the masses who. They are part of an elite club who take care of their own, and you, the ordinary person of the masses, are not part of that club.

For anyone that would dare to step out of the mass brainwashing that has become our entire media system (Canada actually having the highest concentration of corporate media ownership of any country in the world) and what has become the standard in education/understanding in our society, it becomes clear to see that there is more than enough resources to go around for everybody in this world – and in Canada especially, the second largest country in the world, with a ton of natural resources and small population – this couldn’t be more obvious. There is absolutely no valid reason why anyone in this country should have to go without a decent, dignified standard of living and live a life of opportunity and freedom.

Time to wake up, stop beating our freedom drums and realize that we’re being duped, and everyone is in on this deception as it never seems to matter what leader is chosen, the masses always lose and things never change. The masses themselves are in on it for buying into the current understanding of national politics that is peddled by our media and educational systems, and anyone that does not stand up to expose this deception is also tacitly contributing to it. Not voting is thus to turn a blind eye to the problem and a tacit vote for a corrupt system.

So what has been proposed within and as the Equal Money System is to actually give the people of our world a vote that matters, and vote that will actually bring about a change for the better in our world – a vote on the actual money system – to bring about a real social reform that benefit all life equally by changing the starting point and rules by which our monetary system operate. Within that, the elite are a small minority and are rendered powerless –isn’t that what democracy is supposed to be all about?

The proposal of the Equal Money System is that money values life – and not the other way around. The latter has been the fundamental problem that exists in our social/economic systems, that is bound to be exposed, slowly but surely, as the elite money system collapses upon itself. Greed is coming back to bite us on the asses.

So until a leader actually stands up and exposes the deception that exist within and as this world as the money system and it’s subsystems of support – there is not a single leader that is trustworthy. Until the people stand up to expose the system for what it is and support a system of reform that will benefit all equally – no voter is trustworthy. There is then no point in blaming politicians or arguing which leader is better or worse or getting caught in endless debates of sub-issues that are merely an outflow of the foundational problem – it is an exercise in futility. Let’s get to the core of the matter, correct the problem at it’s source. Until we get to the core issue, we will be stuck in this illusion of democracy, completely powerless and vulnerable to it’s disastrous consequences.

I am 1 vote for world Equality and an Equal Money System. Join us in our final stand against inequality – stand up for life.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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