Humans are murderers: Self Forgiveness

Why do we hold basic necessities as things that must be earned? Why do we give no intrinsic value to life itself? Is it not a criminal act to withhold from people the very basic necessities which they require to survive? Should our governments and corporations be regarded then as murderers?

Strangely enough these kind of questions are rarely asked – points like this would never have dawned on me if it were not for others pointing out the obvious common sense to me – red flag – we’ve been brainwashed. Surely many would not even consider these perspectives or may argue them when presented, indicating that it is in fact people who support this current system/way of life – where life has no intrinsic value and if one does not find a way to earn the money to buy their basic necessities, they are disregarded and essentially left for dead.

So when we finally do realize that this very system is a form of institutionalized crime, it is not only the governments and corporations that require looking at, it is everybody, me and you, him and her. How did we allow this? Why did we not stop it? Did we spitefully abdicate the most basic common sense in place of our own self interested pursuits?

For most of all my life, that is that I did, as well as all those I knew around me – all busy chasing our own dreams up there somewhere in our head, while we completely disregard what is here as life – and as a result of billions of people collectively doing this, we have billions of people suffering, living in destitution, on the brink of starvation. We’ve become an entire culture of ignorance and apathy– yet all along we knew what was going on, we knew the reality of the situation of our world and never stood up to stop it. What we have created in our name is nothing short of atrocious.

No more!

In self realization of who we are as life as all as one as equal, we can stop blaming others around us for the mess this world has become and recognize that we are all equally responsible for this world and how it exists. Through self forgiveness we are able to give up the old – the self interest, greed, ignorance, apathy – and create a new human that contributes towards a better world for not only self, but all life equally.

When every human being on the planet has become an accomplice to murder, the only way out is self forgiveness. Whether we are the abused, the abuser or both, we must ask ourselves if we are willing to forgive ourselves, let go of the old and bring about a new way.

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One Response to Humans are murderers: Self Forgiveness

  1. Final says:

    Let’s be honest. We can’t forgive ourselves. We are all together in this, killing our world, killing our animals, killing each other. Becoming a vegetarian won’t cut it. Becoming an animal activist won’t cut it. We scarred ourselves, branded ourselves, and are now a cursed race. Self forgivness is absolutely out of the question; “It’s not your fault that you care nothing for anything but yourself.” Even I am corrupted now, and I hate it. Being called human is the ultimate insult.

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