The money war kills more people that Hitler ever could. Where are the Activists?

Currently we live in an economic system wherein all commodities are withheld from the human unless one has sufficient money them. This includes the most basic commodities required to survive such as food, a home, clothing etc. This is nothing short of a war against life – certainly a war against the billions in this world who find themselves in situations where they or their families have very little or no money.

Unfortunately our media and education system has done such a wonderful job of brainwashing people that we tend to not think of the money system in this context – albeit obvious common sense to see if one look self honestly, it is a perspective less seen. The conditioning is such that it is like many require the actual picture presentations of ‘bad guys’ with guns and bombs like we’ve seen in movies and the media, to be impulse in a way that the word ‘war’ will come to mind.

From this we have activists blowing whistles and staging protests against wars in our world, but very few answering the call to expose and absolve the current war that is being staged against all life.

Rest assured that not only is this war against life as valid as any other war of arms that exists or ever has existed – it actually makes all other wars pale in comparison, when looking at the numbers.

World War 2 – the greatest war ever know to mankind, is reported to have killed anywhere between 50 and 70 million people. In the 1990’s alone, an estimated 100 million children (this figure not including adults) were killed from starvation. That says it all folks. A startlingly greater number of people die from having the basic commodity of food withheld from them because they do not have money.

War is always easier because we can point fingers – who is the bad guy? Let’s blame him so we can all absolve ourselves of personal responsibility – that has been the game for some time now. Starvation on the other hand – who to blame? Not so easy to find just one culprit – and the method of murder is not as obvious as one person physically destroying another – starvation is a much more indirect method of killing a person, and to see starvation as murder may require some (OMG dare I say it?) common sense and self honest insight from people.

It would require each one accepting equal responsibility, and for a solution to be brought about, it would require self change from all of us on an individual and collective level. This is the reason why we do not really look at or question points like this in our media, education and political systems, but instead look for bad guys and more entertaining stories. Yet the facts remain, the numbers are always there – 30 000 people die every day from starvation, they are murdered through money by the makers of the money system which is every human being through our collective agreement – and those who currently have money are on the other side of that coin and as such have the greatest responsibility and opportunity to sort out the money system.

In an equal money system we propose a change that will stop major social issues like starvation that have plagued mankind for so long, by no longer withholding basic necessities from people and allowing everyone an equal opportunity to work, educate themselves and live a full life where the self expression of the human will be allowed to flourish through unconditional support.

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3 Responses to The money war kills more people that Hitler ever could. Where are the Activists?

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  2. Belinda Rankin says:

    Hi Adrian,

    For what it worth I have spent 20 years of my life researching this inside out to find the answers- to be frank based on the how the brain works the answer is the inverse of this- a communication sytem that is legally recognised as the people piller in government – I call the Bell Government (communication)- so people have a true say about what laws are made and have a way to be heard without protesting/being shot/writting extensively to be told- thank we’ll consider that, not!

    Clearly, we are otherwise silenced- like the evil Sharn territory where all the animals are quiet- and without harmony. Secondly, we need another one of these communication systems, legally recognised as well, for people to network with and skill youth/ involve the aged- the detail a little long and drawn out so I’ll let your imagination run instead.

    These two important communication system are very important- to install for man kind impovement; the second CS works with recognised digital payment, but does not outlaw Capitalism rather it is only used instead of increasing taxes and when necessary to develop people in the area (as a national agreement). Population stability is achieved with Birthright space for all life, its important to discuss and orgainse with the individuals over a ten year period- on the first CS- for all to have a home/land according to there interest in production and prepare for the future populations of all life. As populating is and individual decision, by organising birthrigh space – Individual can then recognise the need to make conservative reproduction plans- having a better understanding from these ten years of talks and space orgainsation to be, better prepared.

    The answer to climate change is water. Digging small deep dams every few kilometers throughout Australia (as that where I live) and other parts of the world to also prepare when our petrolum built society falls- to have the abilty to produce locally. Again, many more details to this answer.

    While we have a simple system design- we will alway have a host of complex problem – leader have to be brave and get complex and know people can handle it because this will make our system very simple to use. Like the brain it is extremely complex but very easy to use- like the many pieces in a car mechanisms are complex, but easy to use- If we want to fix the system/ car or the brain we have to understand the simplicity that makes up this complexity. Answer, teach people how the brain works. Something, I would very much like to do- have knowhow but cash is in the way. I have (1 )main commuication sytem (4) sub main 1. Area base planning network communication sytem, 2. Birth right space 3. Dig Dam 4. Agree recognised digital payment. And there are 11 others that fall under these (4) entities.

    Working alone on this for a few more weeks, I too find it very hard to let this ride- if you have an interest to call, or an invite as I needing paid work- ah
    I so want this system fixed, I could burst. But lucky I have a strong sense of humor.
    Call Belinda 04333 671 64 or email me:

    • if you would like to make a difference in the most effective way possible, I suggest to heck out – work with and become part of the group, this will maximize your effectiveness

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