Writing Myself to Freedom

When I first found Desteni, I was blown away by the message that was being shared of Oneness and Equality, and most notably the way the message was being delivered – it was said in a way that was so direct and pure, that I had never heard anything like it before. Sure, in my life I have heard bits of real truth here or there, but it was always shrouded in a sea of bullshit, or coming from an untrustworthy source – those who may speak the truth but not live it.

Upon investigating, I found that not only was a message being shared, but so too were the tools with which to apply oneself to bring self to the same point of self realization that is shared in the Desteni message – realizing self as life, as all as one as Equal. The tools are simply and ones that are equally accessible to all – self honesty and self forgiveness.

I then found that the most effective way to start applying these tools was through writing – so for the first time in my life, I began writing – really writing – reflecting, looking at myself and my world – in self honesty – and began applying self forgiveness on that which I have become and existed as, which I found was not an existence that was living in a way that is best for all. Within the Desteni community we have come to call this ‘writing yourself to freedom’ – wherein you become self intimate with you, to support yourself to live to your full potential, as who you really are as life.

Nearly 4 years have passed since I began writing myself to freedom, and though things have changed and evolved, I am essentially still applying the same tools today. Through working with myself in my writing, I have noticed my writing become more direct, clear, specific, and effective in terms of using it as a self support tool. What I noticed which was interesting is that writing gives us a way with which we can reflect ourselves back to ourselves, that is more ‘visible’ than our thinking. Thoughts can move very fast and when you’re busy immersed in the act of thinking, there is no real way to ‘see’ what you’re thinking as your thoughts, and so much of it tends to ‘go by’ unabated. With writing, I am able to actually pull all of those thoughts out of me, put them on paper in front of me, and have a self honest look at myself, almost as if from a 3rd person perspective. Sometimes I would even take time between writing and then reading what I wrote, to give myself time to step away clear my emotions and feelings, and allow myself to have a clearer look than I would have had in the heat of drudging up thoughts or memories. It is absolutely key that one have an objective medium through which one can effectively apply self honesty and self forgiveness.

Upon having self honest realizations and becoming clear about what it is that I am existing as, I’m then able to (in common sense) see what corrective action must be taken in order to change myself or stop a pattern. What is fascinating about this is that writing is able to be used as a way to ‘script’ myself – to ‘write the new script of my life’ so to speak, which I can reference when working with the real life, practical application of self correction. I am able to script for myself what is necessary to be done, what must be changed, how to change it, and from there, see whether or not I am living/applying what I have written. Among the Desteni community this is referred to ‘living words’. This is absolutely vital as throughout our history and civilization, this has been one of the most fundamental problems in our existence – that we do not live the words we speak – we do not stand one with and equal to what we would like to profess and portray – we say one thing, and do another – a massive fuckup that is exclusive to our wonderful race called humans.

Within the process that is taking place here on earth – both at the individual and collective levels – this will be a key part of our re-education, transformation and ultimately evolution – if we are to actually evolve for the first time ever in our existence, and not merely upgrade to being better liars and abusers – that is for each one to apply themselves in becoming honest with themselves through writing – no one can become self honest for another! This is a process of understanding and becoming self honest. Writing is the way through which each one can apply themselves in becoming self honest and realizing who they really are in this world – and what better tool with which to bring about equality on earth than a tool which every one on earth can apply equally?

Writing yourself to freedom is an act of self respect, self insight, self intimacy, self love – all the things we could have ever wanted from another – we are able to give to ourselves as we give ourselves back to ourselves through writing our self forgiveness. Writing yourself to freedom is not only an act of standing for yourself, but for all life.

For more on self intimacy, check out this article by Sunette Spies, which inspired me greatly: http://www.desteni.co.za/a/winged-exploring-self-intimacy

To join the Desteni ‘I’ Process, find out more at http://www.desteniiprocess.com


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