Competition is not necessary for the survival of our race

Why do we accept and allow a system of competition and survival of the fittest? Why do we continue to justify and accept that which we have created to keep man enslaved as the never-ending fight for survival?

It is amazing – we have all kinds of books, theories, beliefs, philosophies and cosmologies that justify, reason, and rationalize our existence as the ongoing fight for survival. We use Darwins theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, and tend to look to nature and animals for parallels to human behavior, to justify it as acceptable because it is ‘natural’.

Quite the bullshit story, and we’ve done a good job at spreading this info as if it were the gospel, forevermore absolving the human of any kind of responsibility for the world we create and live in. This has worked for some time, but presently, these kinds of justifications are running into problems as they hinge largely on the circumstance of scarcity, or the belief of scarcity on resources – the latter of which is another belief that has been promoted extensively to subdue people with explanations as to why half of the planet live in poverty.

The fact is there is no scarcity. Whether or not there ever has been scarcity is quite debatable, but for now, I won’t even go there. The fact of the matter is that currently there is more than enough resources on the planet for everybody – and the planet provides these resources unconditionally. Currently, we are actually destroying millions of tons of food every year, just to keep prices high and so that a few people can make some money – while millions starve to death.

So why do we continue to base all of our social systems on this premise of scarcity of resources, and subsequent competition and survival of the fittest? It is absurd.

We’ve got to stop this deception – stop lying to people – and begin a complete restructuring of our systems with an entirely new starting point that values all life equally, and provides resources equally to all as such so that all beings are provided with the support they require to live a dignified life.

Only when we do this will the game of competing for survival stop – and we may for the first time have the opportunity to learn what it means to live – as one, as equals.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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