Why participating in the Desteni I Process matters to me

Since I was a young child, I always knew things were not right in my life – there was something not quite right about myself, about my world. I knew from a very young age that something was very wrong, that this is not how life should be, yet did not always have the vocabulary to put it into words or a clear understanding of the problem through which I could find a solution. From this, I wished and I waited for a solution, always saying to myself that if only there were one, if only I could find a way – I would take it.

Now it is here – the solution of equality, the solution of self honesty, the solution of self forgiveness, the solution of a new system that values all life equally as the Equal Money System. When I found Desteni, I was blown away by what I had found, because I realized one thing: this was it. This was all the answers I had ever hoped for, that I had been waiting for all along. By this point in my life, I had for all intensive purposes, given up on myself.

Yet there was something that made Desteni and the tools Desteni presents stand out, showed me that this was not just another bullshit story. It was seeing these tools lived and applied. Seeing Sunette speak for the first time was quite an amazing experience, because this was the first time in my life that not only had I seen someone share this message, but the first time that I had actually seen someone who is living the message. Living, breathing proof of self change, that a new way is possible, both for the individual and ultimately for our world.

This crucial point of ‘walking the talk’ has been demonstrated and proven to me over and over again, consistently, as my participation has continued with Desteni, in seeing how those who participate live and direct their lives, and also during my visit to the Desteni farm in South Africa, where I was able to see first hand how people were living their day to day lives.

This is why I participate in Desteni. As messed up as my and this world may have become, one thing remains – me. I am still here, I remain, I am self responsible – I am the point from which life is created, in every single moment of my existence. Therefore who am I? I decide – and now I have the tools with which to learn how to do that.

I am writing this because to this day I still have tremendous amounts of resistance to applying myself in the Desteni Process, to changing myself, to facing myself – and many habits and addictions that have become so ingrained that sometimes they really do seem insurmountable. My own self interest is the only thing that stands between me and a better life, a better world, and in that, I am my own worst enemy.
With the gift of self forgiveness , I give myself back to myself. Therefore to give up on Desteni and everything Desteni stands for would be to give up on myself. The more I face this world and myself as the mind, the more I realize the severity of the situation, and that it is a do or die situation.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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