World War 3 and the Invisible War on Life

Yesterday I learned that the 3rd World War is coming. Not only is it on its way, but that it is an inevitability at this point.

I had a reaction to this, mainly it was FEAR, because I immediately had to start considering and placing myself into such a context and situations of war – fighting, killing, being injured or killed myself. Real suffering or possible death was more closely considered as a possibility in ‘my life’.

Then I noticed an interesting thing; the obvious common sense that right now, in this very moment, there are millions upon millions of people in this world that are actually living in this kind of reality – immense suffering, certain inevitable death, or the very near possibility of suffering and death. There are already wars existing here on earth, and not only the kind that are fought with guns and bombs – the kind where the perpetrators are unseen and held unaccountable, such as for instance starvation. Invisible armies in an invisible war on life – invisible armies as the armies responsible are each and every human being on planet earth who is contributing through participating in a system that does not value life and disregard it in the name of profit – ‘invisible war’ only because of how limited we have allowed our understanding, insight and compassion to be – we see only what we want to see.

For the starving parent in Africa with 2 children – it may as well be World War 3.

So why did I have this sudden specific reaction upon hearing the news about WW3? It was a conscious reaction to the potential threat on my consciousness – my individualized little perceptual reality where I am the most important thing in existence – tailor made through enduring a lifetime of capitalist brainwashing. For some amazing magical reason, it is so much more important, so much worse that my life come under threat, that I may die – than another – why? What rationale could be behind this? What delusional, self deceptive belief am I existing and living within that I have actually come to believe and qualify myself that I am apparently better than, more worthy than, more special than others?

This is how I was raised, this is how everyone is raised as we all live, exist and therefore are subject to the same system and it’s laws – this kind of capitalist conditioning which fall within the context of the fight for survival, where one must fight for their right to life through competing with others and ‘proving their worth’ as apparently being worth more than others.

It is this kind of greedy, self interested mentality that has been at the root of all human calamity – as for instance another World War that is on the horizon.

To learn how to stop this on both the individual level and the collective/global level, investigate and .


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