Does your value system honor LIFE?

Losing everything you have, everything you want, and everything you have ever loved is something that is feared by everyone – it is seen as a kind of death – yet if one is self honest, this is the greatest opportunity to realize the truth: that there is only you, that there has only ever been you – this is when real creation begins.

The fear of loss is something that every human being fear. Fascinating because it is within this fear of loss that we in fact lose ourselves – as the fear grips us, we are limited extensively and never live to our full potential of who we really are.

This is a point that is misunderstood extensively – who are we? We have never actually lived ourselves as we exist within and as an idea of ourselves, an idea that was given to us by our culture, our society, our families and all those around us, since as long as we can remember – from this we have come to define ourselves and if one is self honest you see: YOU have never decided, it has never actually been up to you, you have never created yourself in your own true image and likeness – you are only a copy – thus, have you ever actually been real in any way?

The answer to this is becoming clear in the age we live in, where the pillars of or society, or world, are collapsing and being exposed as the lies that they are – everything that we have ever believed in is being proved as fraudulent. It becomes easier to see when you lose everything and as more and more people in our world become destitute with the collapse of the money system, for them the illusion falls.

Yet the truth has always been around us in every moment, so, how did we not see? This is the question that we must investigate extensively in order to understand. The illusion is upheld through what we give value to as that which we give value to will determine what we see as real and will come to define and create our ‘reality’. We have devised a system through which we give value which is called the money system.

The obvious common sense question would be “how can any value system that does not give value to all equally be real?”

That is why it is easier for those with no money, those who have lived in and experienced destitution, to see that the value system is a lie, because as living, breathing beings, they are taking a stand and saying “but we have value! WE ARE LIFE!” and as such they must be given equal value as life.

As we are all subject to the systems we create, this is the only answer, the only solution to the atrocity we are existing within that is inherently abusive and the grim future that it projects – if you have not seen this, suggest to research starvation, and if then you still do not see it, suggest to give away your money and experience starvation.

We must stop the illusion of our current value system and realize that within a value system where we spite others, where some always win and some always lose, we are in fact only spiting ourselves, as we are always one with and equal to that which we accept and allow.

We must give value to all life equally. Equal money for all.


About adrianblackburn

I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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