Faith in money is faith in God – why Atheists are men of God

It is one thing to denounce God in words and claim that one is an atheist, but what does this mean, what does this look like in real, lived practical application?

To answer this question it is necessary to look at the definition of God, within this same context: what is God, in real, practically applicable context.

God in this world is in fact Money. Not intrinsically, just as a matter of our creation – we have in fact manifested God in form through and as money and the money system. It is an invisible force, that no one quite understands but has some degree of understanding or awareness of, that controls everything and dictates what life will be and earth, guiding and directing everyone and everything that we do. It is a force so high that very, very few would dare to question it or outright denounce it. It is something that we all have a degree of faith in as this is what we are dependent on for our survival. It is immense and powerful beyond belief, it is the beginning and the end of life and we are its servants from birth to death.

I have been researching and discussing this for some time now, but a few days ago it hit me harder than ever, during a trip to the United States, when I looked at a dollar bill and read the sentence: “In God We Trust”.

Obviously I have seen this before, but I did not fully grasp it. I assumed this referred to another God – the God of Christianity that I had some vague idea of as an old man high in the clouds. I did not see the obvious truth that was sitting right in front of me. The phrase did not refer to something somewhere else outside of this dollar bill – it referred to the dollar bill itself! This is how blinding the faith in god as the faith in money is, this is how blinding the ‘great white light’ is – to the extent that we can see God right in front of us, with the name ‘God’ written right on it – and we do not even see it.

I was explaining all of this to my mother and a friend recently when we were in a discussion about ‘free minded’ and ‘free spirited’ and ‘off the grid’ people – people who look and act different, self defined rebels and claimed denouncers of society, mainstream culture and religion or the belief in God. What I pointed out was that what do all these people have in common: they still have money in their pockets, and they still participate within and as the money system with some degree of faith or another.

Because for anyone who claims to denounce mainstream society or religion or the belief in God, what does this actually mean in real, lived practical actions? As I have explained here, it would mean to denounce money and the money system in real, lived practical actions. Spoken words alone mean nothing. To slander it and even to expose it for the absolute criminality that it is – in words alone – means nothing. These words must be LIVED.

To live this statement, that one do not accept God as it currently exist as the money system, would mean that one is truly doing everything they can possible to find a real solution and stop this atrocity – at any cost, no matter what. Even if it means giving up all your friends and family, even if it means giving up all your self interest, even if it means giving up all your addictions, even if it means giving up your vanity, even if it means giving up your personal comfort zone, even if it means you must participate within the system and become one and equal with the system in order to be able to direct it and stop it effectively.

That is what we at Desteni do: we change ourselves so that we may change the world in a way that is best for all life. We do not accept God as the current money system here on earth that does not value all life equally, that has absolutely no honor for life at all. And we are willing to go to any length to do what is necessary to be done to stop the abuse of God as money and create a better life for all. What is heaven on earth worth to you? What would you do to live in a world of real bliss, of real love?

The atheists have made no difference – they were sabotaged by God in the very first place to be believers of God at their core, without even realizing it.

An equal money system is the real, practical solution to stop the atrocity and stop the abuse of God, as God has never stood for equality, God has never been equal – after all, he is God.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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