Academics as entertainment

I am currently busy studying in University for my Bachelors degree, after spending a lot of time away from school and academic life – especially at the University level. Some things I am coming back to I am familiar with, but there are now some things that I am seeing which I never saw before, as I am coming into this school experience with ‘new eyes’ so to speak, as having a bit of ‘real life education’ from working, travelling, experiences and self-study.

The big question I still find myself asking, as I did before, is: What is it all for? What is the point of all of this? All of this work, all of this information, all of these systems, all of the work, energy, effort and struggles that go into school work and academics – what is it all for – because clearly, it is not to make this world a better place.

I notice that: for all of this knowledge and information, for all the work we do, for all the money and focus that gets put on this – the world is no better a place than it was before we started our never ending quest for the holy grail – oops, erm, I mean ‘knowledge.’ Sure, we have built things, we have made lots of stuff, and we have done an excellent job at using this stuff to make the lives of a very small percentage of the worlds population better in some regards, but overall nothing has really changed in this world in the bigger picture, which is really well reflected in how we have not even met the most basic needs of all human beings on the planet. We can send a man to the moon, but we can not put food in everybody’s mouth – that is amazing.

So what are we doing with all this academia, all this knowledge and information? Well, I can tell you what I see. I am finding one tendency with people who I see working with and through massive amounts of knowledge and information: they get lost. Within the act of going through all, this information, one tends to get a bit confused and distracted, and the very starting point of why they were there working with that knowledge and information in the first place, is long gone. We literally lose ourselves in knowledge and information. This is identical to what we do with entertainment: to create an experience that is so stimulating and overwhelming that we become consumed by it. It is an escape from reality.

Being entertained in this way as an escape is basically a way to not have to take self responsibility for one’s world, and that is exactly what I see the universities and the graduates and the academics doing – not making any difference whatsoever for the common good of man, for the quality of life of ever human being on earth. So I say let’s cut through the bullshit, get our priorities in order, and begin working from a new starting point: that which is best for all life in every way – not to only make a small number of peoples lives better while the majority of us suffer and struggle unnecessarily, as it is currently and always has been in our world. Schools should be world leaders in taking on this responsibility as schools are like ‘people factories’ – we are producing people and those people make up the societies and culture that is our world, and the current product we are producing is unacceptable. It has all been compromised by private special interests in capitalism.

To stop this: we will require an economic system that does not compromise the well-being of the many for the power of the few, because within this system, everything is compromised according to has the power, not only the education system. I propose that an Equal Money System is the only and the ultimate solution to change our value system to one that values life – all life equally.


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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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