Stop intellect, stop inter-lack – we need simple solutions to an overcomplicated world!

I one of my classes in University we are busy looking at major world issues, like for instance poverty, and how various global aid institutions, like for instance the United Nations, are acting in response to these issues.

Through our analysis we are beginning to uncover a specific kind of corruption: that these groups and institutions are doing nothing to actually solve the problems, but rather are holding meetings, producing documents, reports and other things purely for the sake of appeasing a public pressure and conscience – to make it look as if they are busy and hard at work trying to solve the problems without actually doing anything or change the world in any real substantial way. It is purely attention given, lip service given, study and intellectual and academic assessment given, purely for the sake of it.

As a result, not only is there no real progress being made, but rather attention is being lost in this endless sea of analysis, intellectualism and academia – the problem starts to appear to become even more over complicated and confusing than we have already made it. I find there is a real tendency to get lost within all of this analysis, where it is only the ‘smaller picture’ that is being looked at, rather than looking at the real root, the real foundation, the real cause. The real cause is simplistic, it is no secret – perhaps the real reason we are doing this over-complicated analysis is nefariously to divert attention away from the real truth of the matter.

The human has been corrupted. Human nature has become self dishonest. Everything is self interest. Everything is competition, a fight and struggle for survival. This is the real issue that actually present itself and is right in front of our eyes in every moment.

By why does no one ever come out and say it?

This is why I stress the analysis and the very way we are taught to look at things, because here is the clincher: everything the UN and these other organizations is doing with their wild goose chase for the truth through endless talk and analysis – is exactly what we the students were doing in our University class.

We simply analyze what we already know. We are beating a dead horse. I noticed actually that a couple of students in my class were showing they understood to a degree already what was really going on – that the whole foundation and starting point as been corrupted – yet our class went through the motions anyways, of analyzing this deception in unnecessary length and detail.

What is the point? While I would like to applaud the University on intent – I can not – because there is so much more that could be done, so much more effectively, if we would dare to drop the authoritarian value of intellect, in place of simple solutions.

That is what we need, SIMPLE solutions to an over-complicated world. You know, like poverty – that means people don’t have enough money, so they need MONEY. IF HAVING NO MONEY IS THE PROBLEM, MAYBE WE NEED MONEY. I say that last sentence with a heavy sarcasm and some resentment, but really, this is stuff that a child is able to understand.

That is why I do not respect so-called intellects and academics – these are the kind of egos that must be given up for the sake of exposing the problems of the world for what they are and coming to a simplistic solution that will stop the ego: equality.

If you are one that has the courage that you would dare to call a spade a spade, I implore you to check out the equal money system at – dare to care.


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