The Day My God Died

“The Day My God Died” Is a documentary about sex slavery – narrated by Tim Robbins – which focuses on several cases on sex slavery/sex trafficking victims in India.

It exposes the outflows of a capitalist money system that are less seen by those who live in rich countries or cultures, where many women of various ages are forced to sell their bodies for money in order to survive, to men who are looking for a ‘thrill’. They are raped, abused and degraded in ways that are difficult to imagine and painful to watch. In many cases these women are found to be literal slaves to their employers and customers, and are lied to, deceived and manipulated by others who brought them into the business.

I suggest that if you have not seen this film – make time and watch it if you take yourself seriously as a human being. We can lie to ourselves and pretend this doesn’t exist – we can turn a blind eye and pretend that we are not responsible for this, but seeing this reality brings to light the urgency of the need for a new economic system where people are given their basic needs and do not to be reduced to such an existence for absolutely no reason.

Visit and start finding out how you can become a part of the solution.


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