The pursuit of happiness is a wild goose chase

Recently, I read this statement: “Life is too short to waste another minute on anyone or anything that do not make you happy”


This statement that many people live by is based on several assumptions, and assumptions – as we all should know – are the mother of all fuckups.

Firstly – life is too short? What is life? As far as I can tell, the physical existence itself is life – whether we’re taking about a human body, an animal body, a plant or a rock – it is all life. This life has spanned for eons upon eons. So what this statement is referring to as “life” is actually consciousness – the individualized perceptual experience of a human being through consciousness. The fact that this existence of CONsciousness is actually a short term, limited experience brings into question whether or not we are really able to call this life.

Secondly – anything that ‘does not make you happy’ is apparently a waste of time. This is based on the assumption that has been drilled into our psyche for so long that the human needs to find something that makes it ‘happy’ – the pursuit of happiness – why does no one question the fact that happiness is seen as something that must be pursued? Aren’t the implications of this rather fucked up? I mean, it is in the vocabulary: things that MAKE YOU happy – are you in control? Or are you being controlled and influenced by an ‘outside source’ that you have become dependent on for your happiness?

This is all not to mention that this is contrary to what real life has always shown, which is that facing ourselves, facing the darkness, and generally taking responsibility for life is something that may not be a ‘pleasant’ experience – yet always tend to make people stronger because of that. It is through our facing our greatest fears and challenges that we actually grown and change and realize the happiness that we really are as life – that we have separated ourselves from in our pursuit of happiness and ‘things that make us happy’ – the things are always a substitute for the real deal, they are filling a void that was left by YOU – where you did not stand as life – this is where the only real happiness can come from – the satisfaction of you living and applying yourself to your full potential within the context of life – that means what is best for ALL – not just self.

Statements like this are completely self centered and made to deceive people with positive sounding messages, to disregard life in every way in the pursuit of self interest.

To find out how you can contribute to a better and fulfilled life for all, check out and – join us and dare to transcend the illusion of love in honor of life.


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One Response to The pursuit of happiness is a wild goose chase

  1. JR Nova says:

    This was a very, very good post.

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