Why is equality only relevant when it is about SEX?

Over the course of the last year I began noticing several people all over Facebook with the word ‘equality’ as their middle name. As a supporter of an equal money system, I was intrigued, and although I became aware that their version of equality that they were promoting was for equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, I began adding these people to my friends list for the sake of networking and to see which of these people were willing to step beyond their own ‘equality’ movement to support a universal equality movement – to support equality and what is best for ALL life – all humans, the animals, plants, nature.

I post many things on FB, I have made myself visible and noticeable in sharing the message of equality and everything we do at Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation. Some are very involved in movement, some simply notice it and give their support in sentiment (for example clicking the ‘like’ button to support a post), some remain silent and some un-friend and block in spitefulness of the message of equality.

This so called ‘equality’ movement group for gay right has remained silent. I did not kid myself into thinking they would immediately ‘jump onboard’, but I was optimistic that at least a few people here and there would expand on their definitions of ‘equality’ and a better world in realizing that equality rights for gay and lesbian couple is not enough – the problem of inequality that exist in this world is one that affects everyone and from this – none are free until all are free.

Then today I noticed an interesting thing. What is the main point that is driving this so-called ‘equality’ movement? It is about relationships, it is about marriage it is about….SEX. Yes, the ultimate drug that mankind has enslaved itself to – SEX.

Isn’t it amazing, the atrocities that we have created and are aware of in this world, the obvious inequality that is a prevalent condition in every single social issue that exists in this world – and the kind of equality we choose to promote is the equal right to have relationships and sex with people of the same gender.

Where do our priorities really lie? The question of ‘where’ aside, we can safely say that our priorities do at the very least, lie. Lol. This is a great example of where we as individuals must look at ourselves and ask “who am I?” as clearly, we have the man power to change the world, we have the capability to change the world, but what are we trying to change it for? Have all our ideas and efforts of nobility been sabotaged and manipulated by self interest and vanity?
If you are interested in getting to know yourself, your world, and how we can create a better world for ALL life equally, visit http://www.desteni.co.za or equalmoney.org for more info. To the gay rights equality movement – I dare you to consider that ALL beings/life on earth equally, and to expand your working definition of ‘equality’ within your pursuits of fighting for equal rights to one that includes ALL life.


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