What kind of a group is Desteni?

I will say it this way: Desteni is a group that gives no choice when it comes to doing what is best for life. Desteni is a group that forces me to be a better person, simply by being involved in it. If I am not willing to participate in this way – that makes me a better person and thus makes the world a better place – would be unacceptable.


That in itself is quite amazing – a group that accepts nothing less than what is best for all life – including self perfection – and that stands by this.


I find people tend to fear standing for anything that is not somehow based in self interest alone – because self interest seems to be the only acceptable way of life according to the human systems. Anything that deviates from this standard tends to be slandered as ‘absolutist’ or ‘totalitarian’ or ‘authoritarian’ behavior. But let’s get self honest and stop giving connotation to these words as if they are inherently evil and ask a more real question – what is this absolutism/totalitarianism/authoritarianism based on?


It is based on what is best for all life – and Desteni is a group that, upon investigating it’s participants personal lives, proves this. Just check out the women of Desteni as an example if you want to see what I am talking about – they are incredible people.


There is such a thing as ‘tough love’ after all, and Desteni is living those words. What other group has there ever been that has taken such a stance?


Desteni is making a stand where others will not, and Desteni is pushing me to become a better person when I would otherwise have not pushed myself to do so – a conflict of interest, yes, so who is it that is really standing for life?


Desteni is.


And if they would not accept anything less than what is best for myself as life, then why would I?


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