Will we stop producing GMO food in an equal money system?

To direct this question, let’s rephrase this question to look at the context of it. The real question would be, ‘how will we produce GMO food in an equal money system? ‘


Now before the health-food demons start coming out, let’s look at what is a GMO, because contrary to popular belief, GMO’s are not intrinsically evil. Genetically modified organisms are not a recent phenomenon, nor one that is exclusive to the field of science. To modify something genetically simply means to change its pre-programmed design. Genetic modification of organisms has already been occurring naturally through what we call evolution for thousands of years.


Why does it appear like GMO’s are evil? Because within the current capitalist economic system, GMO foods are only designed and used to make money and maximize profit – not for the actual betterment of all people and life. Whether we have created a better product or a worse product than before becomes irrelevant within the context of profit and capitalism.


Thus the question has been rephrased to ‘how’ will we produce GMO’s, because currently, we are doing it for all the wrong reasons. If the answer to this question would be ‘in a way that benefits all life equally’, then GMO’s become quite a cool thing, because rather than genetically modifying products only for profit to serve a small group of individuals, it will be done for the betterment of all life and thus we will produce only the best possible products we can create.


And within this, the sky is the limit, because from henceforward we are designing a world of products that are the best they can possibly be, from the starting point of what is best for all life equally – what will we design for ourselves?


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