Does the answer to life lie within imagination?

“All the breaks you need in life lie within your imagination.”


Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Like many things that we do not understand in this world, imagination seems to carry this connotation of being something amazing, special, profound, mysterious, free…unlimited? To find out if any of these connotations fit the bill, let’s have a look at what is imagination.


Imagination….image nation?

What we refer to as imagination is actually the mind – it is like a memory bank where we store information from our experiences in life, including pictures. It is not something you are born with. Thus, imagination is actually coming from somewhere else other than yourself, originally – you are not the author. This all not to mention – how was this information stored?  Is it true to life, or did we skew our information as we programmed it into our imagination? Did you decide to store this information, consciously? Or did you copy it unwittingly?

It is a question of whether or not it is actually we who are using our imaginations, or are our imaginations something that are using us?


Because without understanding where it came from, how or why it got here – we would take for granted that this information is ours and is here from our own doing within an awareness of what we are doing.


The self-honest, brutal truth is that we have been pre-programmed. The information which we call imagination which has been the script to our lives that we take on and hold within our minds – has all been laid out before we were even born and was here waiting for us to be programmed into us. We have been brainwashed by a system that has decided what we will learn and how we will learn it, within and as our minds as imagination – and thus our fate as who we will be has already been decided for us.


Within this context, one could say that our future outlook as ‘imagination’ has been sabotaged – because without even realizing it, one’s attempt to break from enslavement and create a new, better life, has been sabotaged through and as imagination.


That is why you can’t imagine having no imagination – because to live without imagination is to live without pre-programming, and to no longer accept and allow self to be directed by/dependent on a system of information, the sole purpose of which was meant to enslave you  – and thus to be the actual master of your own Desteni. Dare to stop subscribing to beautiful sounding messages and pictures that are mystified through mys-understanding and offer no real practical solutions to your life and this world.


To find out more on how the mind works, visit


For information on real practical solutions for all life on earth, visit – where we do not imagine change, we create it.



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