Self respect is the true act of a rebel

We are born into a world replete with abuse. Before not long into our existences on this earth, we begin experiencing acts of abuse – we see people abusing themselves, each other, and inevitably we are abused. In terms of the example we are given, we don’t stand much of a chance but to be abused, and with this being some of our earliest and most prominent experiences, it is not long before we begin copying this abusive behavior and identifying with it.

Yet despite not having much of a chance of having an experience of ourselves here in this world that is free of abuse, despite the awfulness of such experiences of the things that we observe and that are done unto us – it is always us in the end that copy this behavior.

Before not long it has become a way of life and we have adopted this way of life so extensively that it becomes normal, and within such plight it is almost as if the human goes completely insane, becomes completely demented – and we begin painting pretty pictures over the abuse, we begin creating beautiful  bullshit stories of love and light. – these are serious mental conditions.

We cry out, sure. We become angry, sure. We look for different ways, sure. We blame, sure. We justify, sure. Yet have a look – who has been doing it all along, and why? We have, and it has all been under the guise that this is apparently our ‘expression’ – we begin to enjoy our own self abuse, we begin to enjoy abusing others. Have a look at alcohol – this is absolute self abuse in every way within the belief that one is enjoying oneself. Look at the pursuit of wealth accumulation – we are abusing tacitly by gaining wealth where others lose wealth and become impoverished, within the belief that ‘life is getting better’.

And then one day when we are fortunate to fall out of our delusion and hit the ground hard – it is often only then may we begin to actually stand and begin asking – WHY? Why do I enjoy HURTING myself? Why do I enjoy pain? Why do I enjoy suffering? Why am I doing this to myself??

While all along we had simply been dishonest with ourselves. We lied to ourselves about what self enjoyment apparently is, we lied to ourselves that we are apparently free and expressive when in fact we have enslaved ourselves, when in fact we never even learned the meaning of self-respect.

We did it to ourselves – thus who is the real enemy? We are – you are your own worst enemy. Thus from this perspective, we must face ourselves, free ourselves, forgive ourselves – we must rebel against ourselves, and within this, it is truly the greatest and perhaps the only real act of rebellion that could ever really exist – because within this each one walks alone and we no longer look to others for who we will be, we no longer look to our world experience for who we will be, we no longer look to any form of God for who we will be. We stand up and become everything that we have ever wanted, hoped, wished and dreamed for – we realize ourselves here within and as the physical as who we really are as LIFE.

For discussion and more information on what it means to really stand up and be a true rebel, visit and


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