Having a Conscience isn’t Enough

Since I began participating with Desteni, my perception of the world and myself has changed a lot. Initially, a lot of this shift in perception was due to being exposed to the truth of our reality and ourselves – what is really going on in this world and with human beings.

To say the least, it was shocking, disgusting, horrid – I realized the nature of how this world is actually existing, and it isn’t pretty.

From this, I have developed somewhat of a ‘conscience’, purely by looking at what is going on and realizing: this is not right, this is unacceptable – this is no kind of world and no one should ever have this kind of experience.

But even though Desteni has ‘triggered this point’ of prompting me to create a conscience, I wonder if it is really about Desteni – because if this were another life and, let’s say, I had never found Desteni – I could see a multitude of other ways in which I could have developed this conscience. The reason I say this is because what Desteni showed – or rather ‘revealed’ – to me, was what is already here in this world. Animal abuse, environmental abuse, drug abuse, violence, murder, war, rape, molestation, etc.

I could have developed a conscience through seeing these points – even just one of the, especially just one of them – and through this, become an activist.

The problem with this is that it is often done through and as a matter of reaction and misunderstanding. That is why I say it is especially from only seeing one (or maybe just a few) of these points that we develop a conscience and become activists for only certain specific causes, because by not seeing all of these points and ‘connecting the dots’ in terms of what they are showing me about myself, about the ‘nature of who’ I am inside myself, I would then not understand in fact these things that I am seeing in my world, because I am not seeing the very essence/nature of the point that is in fact creating the point, and all these other points – myself.

What all of the points are reflecting – every single point of abuse that exists in this world, no matter what form or extent it takes on – is in fact a reflection/extension of self as who I am as the very nature that I have accepted and allowed myself to become and exist as.

Thus, within the context of only seeing one or a few points not actually ‘connecting all the dots’ and ‘bringing the points back to self’, what will then tend to happen is that a misunderstanding is created, because self is in fact not understanding how self and each and every human being as the nature of mankind is creating everything that exists in our world. Within that act of then separating ourselves from these manifestations in our world, we will then tend to create an ego/identity of standing as the polar opposite of these points as one who is apparently superior, not responsible and ‘knows better’.

That is like a super duper fuck up because not only do we not see how we are creating the problem, we actually through not understanding how we create it, will then create it more through blame and further self justification in defense of the way that we are already currently existing – this human nature that exist in separation, disregard and abuse of life as others outside of ourselves!

It is easy to look at any atrocity in this world and say “that’s not right” – because a ‘but’ can always follow.

“That’s not right, but it is those bad people that must stop doing this.”

“That’s not right, but this is what happens when these other people do this and this other stuff happens.

Whether you appear as if you are taking responsibility for it or not is irrelevant. Whether you recognize it as bad or not is irrelevant. Because the point is about justification: finding a reason why this is happening in order to justify our inaction and taking self responsibility to take practical actions that will in fact stop these atrocities. Have a look:

“That’s not right, but it is God’s will.”

“That’s not right, but life isn’t fair.”

In the first two examples I gave, someone else is responsible for the problem, and they must change – but this is a point that a person can only ‘fight’ – they have no power to in fact change the others that are being blamed. In the second two examples, it is also accepting a point of something outside of self that is responsible, that also cannot be changed.

Thus, I have just shown how having a ‘higher conscience’ and being an activist – as a ‘charitable person who fights for a cause’ – is not enough. No one cause can be fought for, because there is no one to fight as everyone in this world is individually responsible for how this world exists, and the whole world is in a mess – it is selfish and short sighted to only look at any one cause or handful of causes.

It is human nature itself that must be corrected through self forgiveness – as every atrocity that has ever been created in the history of earth has been nothing more than an outflow of who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become and exist as, and continue to live out every single day of our lives.

Self honesty and self forgiveness are the key.

If you are interested in taking self responsibility for your world in a practical, non-hypocritical ‘self first’ kind of way, I suggest to investigate the Desteni I Process, and the Equal Money System – before it is too late.





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