What I Realized when I Became a Vegetarian

A few years ago, I tried vegetarianism after seeing the movie ‘Earthlings’ – a movie everyone should see. After about a year of this, my body was suffering quite badly, I was losing a lot of muscle mass and my body was beginning to ache and strain, even though I would supplement with other proteins. From this I was forced to start eating meat again, but since this time I have learned some fascinating things. Firstly, I found that all animal abuse – and all other forms of abuse in this world – can be traced back to the abusive nature of man which is proliferated and perpetuated through the money system. Within the current economic system, LIFE itself has no value – only profit, greed and self interest – it is inherently spiteful and life will always be disregarded in favor of what is profitable.

Thus I found that the most effective way to stop all animal abuse in this world is to take on the money system and work towards establishing a new system that values ALL life equally. Unfortunately, boycotting meat will not have an effect on this situation and the billions of animals that are slaughtered inhumanely in the name of profit. I also found that there was nothing ‘honorable’ about eating only plants as they are also living organisms that experience themselves in ways more complexly than we may understand. The point I found is of abuse, not necessarily about killing or not killing – because unfortunately, at this point in our evolution, we are required to consume to survive, and there is nothing honorable about this.

The point is to regard life equally – kill how you would like to be killed – if you had to be consumed for another being to live on, how would you want this? That is the closest we can come to a point of honor – to live our daily practical living with the understanding and recognition that other beings are giving up their existence so that ours may continue.

What will we do within this understanding? Who will we be then?

To support an end to this atrocity we have made of life, I suggest you investigate and support the equal money system – where live is the value and a dignified life for all is what is striven for in every way.



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I am 1 vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System
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One Response to What I Realized when I Became a Vegetarian

  1. snvk says:

    I like your post , As equality increases, so does the number of people struggling for predominance.

    it support In blackburn

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