Don’t change what you do – change who you are

This is something that I realized a long time ago, thanks to the assistance and support I received through studying the Desteni material. It may seem like a small piece of advice but for me this point has been crucial and a real learning curve, as for years I had been attempting to change my actions and not my essence, resulting in nothing more than self suppression and a compounding of the mind constructs that drive me to do what I do and exist as I exist.


It has made my process difficult – because for such a long time I have been in a habit of judging my actions, yet in that self judgment it was as if I was accepting tacitly on some level that this is action was a reflection of who I really was – as if I was born flawed and there is ‘something wrong with me’.


And if I continue down this path, it is like exiling myself into oblivion because I can find plenty of reasons to believe that I am born in sin.


Never before until I found Desteni did I really consider what had happened to me, who I had become and how – how I became the personality I did through my life experience as a mental condition through which I now exist. I never ever even fathomed that such profound and real self change was ever possible.


Through the Desteni I Process I was shown that there is a comprehensive way in which one can uncover who they have become in a process of self discovery of who we really are as life. It has supported me to stop judging myself for what I have become to be able to face myself and correct myself so that I am able to truly live in a way that is best for all life, where I no longer have this experience of self judgment, guilt, regret and shame.


It was Bernard Poolman of back in 2009 who told me to stop judging myself, and if I had understood how to do this at the time, I probably would have (lol). Now, through the Desteni I Process and a commitment to myself as life it is possible to stop all self judgment of what I have become and get down to the real work of facing that which I have become – head on and without judgment or fear – and change myself within the context of what is best for all life.


You should try it.


Because as I said a long time ago to a fellow Destonian on the Destonian forums: do not change what you do – change who you are – because it is who you are that will determine everything that you do.


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2 Responses to Don’t change what you do – change who you are

  1. kimamourette says:

    Awesome share here – thanx Adrian!

  2. reallove4all says:

    Cool Adrian – thanks!

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